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Terms and Definitions

Look here to find definitions and explanations of bridge and ACBL terminology. For a comprehensive home reference, order The Official Encyclopedia of Bridge from our online store.

Online Bridge Glossary 
Quickly find the definitions of general bridge terminology from Bridge World magazine.

ACBL from A to Z 
Gain a better understanding of our programs, organizations and awards.

Explanation of Events 
Discover the many types of games and tournaments.

Special Events Information
Find descriptions of various ACBL special events.


Commonly Used Conventions

With only 15 words allowed during an auction and just 13 cards in each suit, bridge players have invented dozens of special bids, called conventions, to describe their strength and hand patterns. These descriptions are from the ACBL Bridge Bulletin series called the Bidding Toolkit. A new bid will be added monthly. The ACBL textbooks Commonly Used Conventions and More Commonly Used Conventions contain detailed chapters on the use of many of today’s popular treatments. These and other outstanding books about bidding, play and defense are available at Shop Bridge.

Fourth Suit ForcingBlackwoodCappelletti (Part 1)Cappelletti (Part 2)DONT DOPI, ROPI, DEPOJacoby 2NTJacoby TransfersMichaelsNegative DoublesNew Minor Forcing
Overcalls (Part 1)
Overcalls (Part 2) Puppet StaymanResponding to a Takeout DoubleResponsive DoublesRoman Key Card BlackwoodSmolenSplintersStaymanTexas TransfersUnusual vs. UnusualWeak Two-bids (Part 1)Weak Two-bids (Part 2)


Tools and Supplies

The ACBL has all of the supplies you need to play competitively or at home. Go to Shop Bridge .

Playing Cards

Select from many great card designs, including our popular ACBL logo cards. Shop Bridge offers ensembles, two-deck sets, regular- and jumbo-face cards and more.

Convention Cards


ACBL Convention Card - Download a PDF file and print a blank card. You may also save the file to your computer and edit this card for your personal use. Get helpful instructions for filling out your card.

ACBL “Fat Free” Convention Card - Download a completed card with a basic system for you. 

Standard American Yellow Card (SAYC) - Download a PDF of the card as well as full instructions for using this popular convention card in single-page format or paginated format. A Spanish version of the instructions is available at Bridgear.com.

Conventional Wisdom

How to fill out the convention card line by line with advice from ACBL editors. Click here.

Commonly Used Conventions

Explanations of how to play commonly used conventions from the Bridge Bulletin's Bidding Toolkit series. A new convention is added each month

Convention Card Editors


ACBL Convention Card Editor - Download a PDF file that you can edit and print. Click here to download.

Other Convention Card Editors (none of these are supported by ACBL)

BridgeWinners.com Convention Card Editor

Download Chuck Tesler’s Convention Card Editor

Download Merlin Vilhauer's Card Editor

Download Lee Edwards' Convention Card Editor

How to Keep Score

ACBL Duplicate Instant Scorer and scoring for duplicate, teams and rubber bridge.

Home-Style Supplies

Get the supplies you need to score and list results for your home rubber bridge games.